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Safety Precautions for Jacking up Your Car
Time: 2017-12-11
Using the air jack is sometimes an unexpected necessity that comes about when you likely least want or expect it. Chance always favors the prepared mind. You should familiarize yourself with some basic safety precautions for jacking up your vehicle before actually having to do so.
If you need to remove a wheel or you have to change a tire, remove the hubcap if present and loosen the lug nuts or bolts before jacking up the vehicle. Before you begin work, give the vehicle a little wiggle or nudge to make sure that it is secure on the jack stands. By doing this you know whether your wheels are blocked properly.
Once the car is in the air the wheel will turn freely which makes getting the hubcap off a much more difficult task. Trying to start taking the lug nuts or bolts off after the car is in the air can be nearly impossible. Put the jack under the car where it should touch and press on when raised. If you are using jack stands, which you should be, put them near the jack. Where you place the jack depends on if you are anticipating on doing a one wheel or two wheel job, if not an entire front end repair. To figure out where the proper place to jack up a car is for your specific type of car, consult your owner's manual. If you don't have one or lost it just ask the service department of your local dealership.
Lift the car by using a jack. How the jack operates will vary depending on what kind of jack it is. For a tripod jack, just turn the crank. A scissor jack, just insert the rod or wrench and crank away. With a hydraulic jack, just pump up and down in nice even strokes. If there are jack stands present which they should be, place them under the vehicle at this time. You need to put them near where the jack is touching the vehicle. Extend the stands up until they are high enough to just fit under and lock them in place. Then lower the car until it is actually resting on the just on stands and nothing else. Do not substitute anything for a proper jack stand!
Do not change your tires on a freeway or highway. Car is coming by a very high speeds and most of the time there is very little room for your car to pull over. Changing tires requires a significant amount of space and this can put you in danger of being hit by traffic and getting fatally injured.
Never try to jack up a car on a hill. Make sure the ground is stable and flat. If you are ever in doubt do not jack up your car. Cars can crush in seconds and if you make a little mistake you will regret it forever. Always double check and make sure everything is safe before jacking up a car.
Always pull hand brake before jacking up the car. Just in case your car is in neutral and you didn't know the hand brake will not allow the car to roll while you are working on it.
Source: car.ezinemark.com